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how to improve your communication skills
Communication Skills

11 Tips on How to Improve Your Communication Skills in 2022

Communication is an art that you can grow and develop. It involves listening and conveying information in an understandable and comprehensible way. Cultivating this skill can have significant benefits in your professional and personal life.  Communication is an essential skill

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Storytelling Tips
Business Success

How To Tell A Story Effectively: 9 Storytelling Tips

Research reveals that people began sharing stories over 30,000 years ago. Now, storytelling is essential when convincing customers to buy goods for business and entertainment purposes. Storytelling creates a strong sense of community and brings people together as we all

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dos and don'ts of public speaking
Personal Development

Dos and Don’ts of Public Speaking with Pro Tip

Even for a seasoned life science researcher, keeping an audience engaged and alert can be challenging. Because of this, we’ve gathered ideas from the public and created a list of ways to keep your listeners engaged throughout your next speech

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Problem Solving Approach
Personal Development

The 10-Step Problem Solving Approach To Deal With Any Issue

Who doesn’t face problems in their lives? They just are inevitable. Therefore, problem solving becomes one of the primary skills you should master to develop a successful mindset. If you fail to power and flex your problem solving ability, you risk living an extremely scattered

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Mindset Development

17 Unique Ways to Develop Your Growth Mindset in 2022

Are you willing to become a better version of yourself?  Do you fully commit to reaching your greatest potential? Well, it’s because you have a growth mindset. People, who believe they can reach their true potential through continuous and productive

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