The internet has transformed the way we earn a living by removing limitations on how we can achieve financial freedom. The ability to make money online has provided an opportunity for many to earn a part-time income or even quit their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs. Nothing can stop you from generating an income online when you have a computer, healthy ambition, and an internet connection. 

However, it takes persistence, consistency, hard work, and patience to build a successful online venture. As Ron Malhorta quotes, “If you want to be treated with respect by the world, you have to take bold actions consistently” Therefore if you are looking forward to making money online, here are 21 exciting ways to make money online.

1. Sell Your Photos and Videos

Individuals from small and medium-sized businesses buy photos and videos regularly. The photos that sell the best are types of foods, nature, people working, cityscapes, and buildings. When travelling, take high-resolution photos using a digital camera. Then upload your photos or videos on stock websites to market on behalf and earn passive income. 

Some of the best places to sell your photos online include Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock on your website. These places allow your target audience to view and purchase your photos easily.

2. Establish an Online Course

Establishing an online course is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online, as you get paid for your knowledge. An online course does not require you to be an expert; all you need is to know more than most on your chosen topic. 

For example, you could create a course on personal development, cooking, language, technology, marketing, or gardening. Setting up an online course can help you earn a passive income and allows you to use the course to lead clients to any other products you may be offering.

3. A Travel Agent

Becoming an online travel agent is another lucrative opportunity to earn money. Many travel agents specialize in group travel, planning destination weddings, sports travel, hobby travel, or family reunions. 

When an agent plans group tours, they earn money. Travel agents can earn additional money by receiving a commission when they sell add-ons such as trip insurance, extra days of travel, and tours. Travel agents often focus on a particular niche of interest to them. That way, they become the “go-to” guide for the area they have extensive knowledge and expertise.

4. Virtual Assistant

There are difficult ways to make money online and simple ways to make money online. A virtual assistant makes money by helping people and businesses with data entry, research, administrative jobs, and customer service – all simple and easily learned tasks. Also, virtual assistants can do other tasks for clients, such as creating content, social media posting, listing products, moderating forums, researching, fixing, and optimising content. 

5. Write an E-Book

Writing an E-book is a great way to turn your knowledge into a valuable resource. Once the book is complete, you can earn a passive income from it for however long you choose to market and sell the E-book. The more value you put into the book, the more you can charge for it. For example, eBooks on business, money, spirituality, and religion tend to do well, as these topics teach people how to grow in all areas of life.

6. Write Software Reviews

Writing software reviews is another way to make money online. People can make money by sharing their experiences with those apps with other users. You are simply required to install a particular software on your laptop, use the app’s features, and share your feedback.

7. Become a Translator

To get paid to translate online, you must be a qualified translator. Most translators work on a contract or freelance basis. Aside from being a translator on contract jobs, there are other ways you can offer your translation services. These include becoming a tour guide, starting a language blog, or creating a specific glossary to sell.

8. Start a Blog

Are you tired of pursuing a 9 to 5 job? Millions of people worldwide embrace blog creation, one of the most profitable online businesses with low startup costs. You can learn how to create a blog and start making money. There are many ways to make money online; however, this can be a fulfilling venture as you add your creative flair through your writing. An excellent place to start is if you have a high level of expertise and knowledge on a specific topic. 

9. Start a Podcast

To create a podcast that generates income, you need a laptop and a good microphone. The podcast should be produced to a high standard. The best thing with podcasts is they don’t run daily, they are not live, and you can record and upload as many episodes as you like. 

Advertisements are one of the most fundamental ways podcasts can generate income. Advertisement sales happen either by using an agency as a broker or between the brand and podcast. 

Therefore, to establish your podcast, you need vital components like identifying your target audience, keeping user experience in mind, collaborating with other podcasts, and giving your platform a cohesive look. 

10. Freelance Design

Becoming a freelance designer is a well-paying online job if you have skills in web design or graphics. As a freelance designer, you can sell graphic templates, t-shirts, start a YouTube channel, or create social media content. 

Deliver quality work to your clients so you can build a solid portfolio with raving testimonials to show for your past work. In this video, Ron Malhorta shares how you can start your career as a freelancer.

11. Become a Writer

Another unique way of making money online is becoming a writer. An example of a company that hires writers is called iWriter. Once promoted, iWriter pays up to $80 per 500 words. It would be advantageous to have a laptop or desktop, good English vocabulary that reflects in your writing, and a good internet connection. 

You can write on a range of topics, even topics outside of your level of expertise if you are willing to undertake research in order to form good articles, such as articles for magazines, journals and online publications.

12. Google Ads

Google Ads are set up on websites that can be profitable once your website begins bringing in a stable and consistent amount of traffic. 

Setting up google ads is simple. On your website, you can sign up for a free google ads account, and Google will provide you with a unique key to paste onto your website. Google starts tracking your traffic, page views, and earnings on your behalf.

13. Become a Consultant

Becoming a consultant is another way to make money online. Consulting requires you to be an expert in any field for people to pay you to counsel them on their business or personal objectives. You might think that you are not good enough to consult for big companies, but you may be surprised by the kind of skills people will pay money for. For example, many companies or individuals seek help from consultants with social media and online marketing.

14. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website, you can try affiliate marketing to help you earn money. Affiliate Marketing allows you to partner with businesses and brands within the content of your website. When you sign up for an affiliate initiative, you will receive a unique affiliate code that will help you to link the product or service you mention. Anytime someone buys the product or service, you will start making money online.

15. Selling Leads

Avoid doing things that don’t bring you joy, growth, or money. Collecting leads is another way to make money online. Setting up a website, getting traffic to the website, and ensuring you are collecting leads that someone will pay for are the main steps you need to make lead sales work. For instance, if you were to create a life insurance website, the website will automatically bring traffic to people looking for answers to life insurance questions. You can then start to sell the leads you gather on the website. You can sell leads in various industries. All you need is to find a niche, build a website and start generating traffic.

16. Sponsored Posts

Another online income strategy is pursuing sponsored posts and ads. Since companies are willing to pay social media influencers and bloggers to promote their products and services, you can cash in when you have a large social media following or a website. 

Sponsored posts are effective in driving website traffic indirectly. Also, they promote brand awareness and engagement. Another benefit of sponsored posts is helping you get in front of your target audience to present them a relevant offer, while at the same time promoting your business.

17. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best sites that has made it possible for people to make money online. People are creating videos with different kinds of content and earning a decent amount of passive income. The secret to making money on YouTube is to create content that pleases the audience, either educating or entertaining. Make sure that you use a catchy headline to entice people to watch the video. You will also want to make the video engaging enough that they watch the whole way through.

Another way to earn money on YouTube is by getting sponsored posts or using the platform’s ad network. To build a loyal audience on your YouTube channel, you must focus on a single niche.

18. Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer can help you make money online. It involves building a personal brand by creating a following of loyal fans. The most common platforms used by influencers are Instagram and YouTube. 

To make money as an influencer, you can charge for speaking gigs, sponsored posts, sell your photos, create a book, get paid as a brand ambassador, speak at events, add affiliate links on your bio, or sell ads on your podcast.

19. Create an App

App development is a great way to make money online. Marketers nowadays use freelance platforms to find affordable developers for creating apps. If you want to make money on your app, you must add it to Google Play and the App Store. Having a free app is better than having a paid app. With a free app, you can add premium features or ads to help you make money. Also, a free app attracts a higher audience volume than a paid app.

20. Become an Online Tutor

By becoming an online tutor, it is easy enough to market yourself through word of mouth if you provide a high level of value to your students. You can choose your own hours as well as the topics you will teach on. Being an online tutor requires you to have experience in the language essential for the type of job. Being an online tutor can be fulfilling work as you get to witness the progress of your students over time. 

21. Sell Clothes Online

Many websites allow people to sell used fashion items. You can also sell the items online to people around your community or use Facebook Marketplace. Instead of letting old clothes sit in your wardrobe gathering dust, you can onsell to someone who will put them to good use. Furthermore, you could offer to sell clothes on behalf of friends and family too, and give them a percentage of the sales. 


By brainstorming online business strategies and starting an online business, you improve your financial security and gain financial freedom. These 21 business ideas are all easy ways to make money online, as well as legit ways to make money online that are organic. It’s important to do the deep and consistent work that others won’t, so you can live the lifestyle that others can’t. As Ron Malhorta quotes, “The only fear we should have is the fear of wasting our potential.” 

Lastly, remember that any skill requires practice over time. At the start, it can be challenging as you learn how to use the skill effectively, however, the more you do it, the more efficient you will become, ultimately earning more profits along the way. The best way to make money online is something that aligns with your interests and passions, as this is what will keep you motivated along your journey.