Ron’s purpose in life is to elevate human talent and consciousness through education. Not academic or professional education, but success, business and money education, which most people are lacking.
He is hugely passionate about the pursuit of excellence, thought leadership, human potential, influence & insights into psychological brilliance.

Ron Malhotra AFChFP, AFP, MBA, DFP is an award-winning Wealth Expert, renowned Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, International best-selling Author, Speaker and Business Mentor. Ron is also the founder of The Successful Male and The Successful Woman, Black Footed Business Advisors. In 2022 Ron Malhotra sold his Financial Wealth Management firm Maple Tree Wealth which he established in 2013. Ron is an active member of The CEO Institute, the membership of which requires members to be a bona fide CEO of a multi-million dollar organization.

Ron’s content has been viewed over 300 million times and he has been featured in Forbes USA, Money Magazine, News X, Business Standard, Influencive, Yahoo Finance, Ticker News, The Week, The Good Men Project, The Logical Indian, India Today, The Statesman, CNN, The Huffington Post, ABC, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes India and many other mainstream publications and media.
He is also the former Ambassador of International Men’s Day, Director of Global Goodwill Ambassadors and Ex-Vice President of Global Transitions Foundation.
He is known by his students as the Mentor who can see into your soul and unleash your superpower. A student recently described Ron as “the Mentor who sees through your bullshit and won’t accept any of your excuses”.

Ron Malhotra being interviewed on TV regarding his book Indoctrinated

Want To Learn More About Ron?

  • Ron defines success as a person’s ability to design the life and lifestyle they truly want. He claims most people fail their own definition of success.
  • Ron is an author of 5 books today, but no one knows that he struggled with articulating ideas for years.
  • Ron has very successful businesses today, but no one knows that his first training company had to be wound up because it didn’t make enough money.
  • Ron has a strong and loyal clientele, as well as staff today, but no one knows that he struggled to attract and retain clients and staff for many years.
  • Ron looks strong today, but no one knows that he was skinny and couldn’t put on much muscle for many years.
  • Ron has financial security and assets today, but very few know that he lived in a commission house for years.
  • Ron is considered well-educated today, but no one knows that he struggled with studying, memorizing and completing courses for many years.
  • Today Ron has a lifestyle people only dream of, but no one knows he worked at supermarkets packing bags for many years.
  • Ron receives awards globally for his work today, but nobody knows he struggled with academic and work performance for years.
  • Ron gets hundreds of likes and thousands of views on his content today, but no one knows that he hardly got any views or likes for over 9 months. The point is simply this, no matter where you are today, never stop dreaming of a better tomorrow.
  • Ron’s passion for education and advisory grew when he realised that traditional and academic education does not equip people to build holistically successful lives and lifestyles.
  • Ron believes everyone has an inner power, it’s just their ability to release it that determines the level of success they will have.

“I am convinced that accomplishments in life come from absolute fidelity to principles and strategies that govern life success. Anyone can achieve what they want through adherence to these principles and strategies.


Reader Views Overall Grand Prize Non-Fiction Winner 

In March 2023, Ron Malhotra was awarded as one of the Overall Grand Prize Non-Fiction Winner for his book Indoctrinated. Indoctrinated ranked Silver in the Non-Fiction category and Gold 5-Star Review in the Education Category by Reader Views.

Top 50 Most Impactful People On LinkedIn

In December 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded in the Top 50 Most Impactful People On LinkedIn by Ahmad Imam.

Top 100 Indian-Australian in 2022

In November of 2022, Ron Malhotra was recognize to be one of the Top 100 Indian-Australian in 2022. He was awarded the category of International Entrepreneurs. In recognition of this service, he was featured on the front cover of the inaugural magazine cover

Gold Winner for the Print Media

In August 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded the Print Media Gold Award for his latest book, Indoctrinated: How The Conventional Education System Perpetuates Conformity, Mediocrity and Indistinguishability held online by Marcom.

International Business Award

In October 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded the International Business Award at the South Asian Entrepreneur Summit held at Crown Melbourne, Australia.

Best Book Award (Bronze)

In October 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded the Best Book Award (Bronze) by Authors Book Expo 2022 held in Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne.

Man Of The Year 2022

In July 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded Man Of The Year at the Power Up Summit held in Mississippi USA.

Most Admired Global Indians 2019

In 2019, Ron Malhotra was awarded the Most Admired Global Indians by Passion Vista.

India’s Top Emerging Icon – 2019

In 2019, Ron Malhotra was awarded India’s Top 50 Emerging Icon under the category of Emerging Leader in Education Services by Global Triumph Foundation.

Best Owned Media E-Magazine

In August 2022, Ron Malhotra was awarded by DotComm the Platinum award for the Best Owned Media E-Magazine for The Successful Male online magazine.


Giving back and contributing is important to us.
The best way of giving back is through empowerment.
Which is why we have our programs and events designed to put the power back in the hands of the individual.
Whilst many of our programs cost money, many are highly subsidised and a lot of our content is also free.

It goes back to the old adage- if you want to feed a man for a day, give him a fish. But if you wish to feed him for a lifetime, teach him how to fish. Whilst we believe that education is the best form of giving, we also acknowledge that there are individuals and communities that are in genuine need of help.
For example, children and animals.

Most adults have the ability to take more responsibility and help themselves, however children and animals are genuinely helpless in many cases. To do our part, we involve ourselves in initiatives that make a difference. From doing voluntary work for “not for profit” organisations, to offering scholarships, donating directly to orphanages and contributing to registered charities, we feel it’s our obligation to continually make philanthropy and contributing an integral part of our overall mission.
In 2022, Ron Malhotra India donated approximately Indian Rupees 1,094,159.00 to various charities including The Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (PMNRF) & The Cry Foundation for the children of India.
– Ron Malhotra


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