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ways to make money online

21 Best Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now

The internet has transformed the way we earn a living by removing limitations on how we can achieve financial freedom. The ability to make money online has provided an opportunity for many to earn a part-time income or even quit

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goal setting theory
Mindset Development

Goal Setting Theory

Do you set goals and find it frustrating to meet these goals? Goal setting isn’t a new concept for most of us and yet, most people do not take goal setting seriously. This is because they simply don’t believe that

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how leadership has changed in 2021
Leadership Development

How Leadership Has Changed in 2021

‘Leadership in the new normal’ is a hot topic under debate. It’s no secret that the year 2020 has brought a lot of challenges. However, it has also given business leaders new opportunities to reprioritize or rethink their business strategies

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tips for business success
Business Success

10 Tips for Business Success in 2021

Owning a successful business is the dream of every individual when they start an endeavour, but it’s not as simple and easy as it sounds. Business is like a marathon run with hurdles in its path. It requires a lot

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