Magnify Your Wealth

Magnify Your Wealth

More Financial Confidence, Clarity and Control for Professionals

Secure and grow your family’s financial future and inter-generational wealth, through fact-based planning and investing.We get that having enough wealth is the key to living the life you and your family deserve.Let us be your guides to building a better future. Unlike other advisors and experts, who only want to help the wealthy, Ron and his team at Maple Tree Wealth are committed to helping you create wealth and building a better future.

Imagine having…


Confidence that you will have enough money to do all the things you want.


Certainty that your financial future will be secure.


Clarity about what you need to do and how you are traveling from a financial perspective.


Control over all aspects of your finances such as tax, super, insurances, investments, and loans.


Consolidate your total financial situation so you can manage the paperwork and administration easily and stay on top of your finances.

We can help you with…

Financial planning

Investment advice

Wealth creation advice


Self Managed Super Funds

Tax planning

Retirement planning

Pre-retirement planning

Transition to retirement

Finance for property/investing

We want to work with you if you are

Committed to your financial success

Motivated to take a proactive approach in creating a better future for yourself and your family

Responsible enough to take control and implement the strategies and advice we recommend

Wanting fact-based processes, systems and strategies to pay off all of your debt, minimise your taxes and maximise your wealth, without compromising your lifestyle

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