Magnify Your Business Profits

Magnify Your Business Profits

More Profits, Growth and Time Freedom for

Professional Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Imagine having confidence in your sales, marketing and operations team and watching your profits climb.
Running and scaling a professional business is hard. You feel like you’re climbing Mt Everest with no peak in sight. You take two steps forward, and five steps sideways – sideways becomes the new forward, with no progress in sight.

  • You work hard and have very little to show for it.
  • Your passion for starting the business is fading fast, and the feeling of being a slave to the business is growing fast, when it was meant to be giving you freedom.
  • You have no systemised lead generation and no predictable way to generate revenue.
  • You left your professional career to create a life of freedom and start a business that inspires you, but instead you have caged yourself, working more time for less money.

I Hear you!

Without systems and processes you’ll not be able to build a professional rock star team that runs
your business without you, allowing you the freedom to grow and scale it.

The biggest issues for struggling business owners are:

Not being clear

on the exact stage of business they are in.

Not pinpointing

the exact issue in the business.

Not knowing how to solve

the specific business problem with a precise strategy.

Ron Malhotra and his team at the Black Footed Business Advisors (which is a sub-brand of Ron Malhotra International) offer a scientific process which:


carries out a comprehensive diagnostic to identify the exact stage your business is operating in.


pinpoints the exact issue that is causing your money, time or people-related problem.


matches the exact issue with one of our 23 remedial frameworks that Ron Malhotra and his team at the Black Footed Business Advisors offer, to remediate the issue.

Smart Professional Business Owners

Powerful Systems

Powerful Frameworks

Powerful Processes

A culture that inspires predictable revenue resulting in your time back

Any professional business can be turned into a revenue generating machine.
Sounds too good to be true?

The great news is… Ron and his team at Black Footed Business Advisors can show you how to be more efficient and effective to create real results and show you that you’re in control!

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