Stacey Sellars (Aspiring Author) talks about
how Ron Malhotra's mentoring changed her life.


Regina Green (Director of Green & Miles Executive Consulting)
talks about her being coached and mentored by Ron Malhotra




Kath Mac (FOUNDER OF Children's books with game apps) TALKS ABOUT HER EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH her mentor RON MALHOTRA


Katrina Young (Founder of Business 360 Bootcamp & Your Coach Directory) talks about her experience working
with Ron Malhotra


Alicia Brookes.jpg
Ron Malhotra, a man through friendship, connects to the heart and soul. He provides clear steps to follow that transform a person bringing them to a better understanding of themselves. Ron brings value and depth to life that was disregarded before. I have been forever transformed by his guidance.
— Alicia Brooks (Portland, Oregan - USA)

Bijan Harun.jpg
Highly recommend Ron Malhotra’s work. He has one of the best methods, tools and experience to coach you to make a positive change in your life. Pleasure to work with Ron and honoured to call him my coach, friend and mentor
— Bijan Yusufzai (Principal at Infinite Talent Group)

carmel brundrett.jpg
Ron is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field – has a great philosophy and is a highly successful author.
— Carmel Brundrett (JSP Partners)

Catherine Eng.JPG
To anyone who is hesitating on taking Ron up on his offer, I would throw away any hesitation. In just one meeting with Ron, he re-oriented my mind and set me on my current trajectory of success. He is a phenomenon.
— Catherine Engmann (Managing Director of Platinum Corporate Solutions, Ghana – West Africa)

david.thurmond from .jpg
What separates Ron from other advisors is his ability to deliver complex, personalised advice that his clients actually understand. He uses 10 words when most use 100. Clarity and simplicity are incredibly difficult to master... and what everyone in business should all be striving for.
— David Thurmond (Mortgage Choice)

Elizabeth Jackson_Public Property.png
We set up a new business a year ago and I sunk all of our money, time and love into it and it stalled. It stalled bad. I felt like my master plan was a masterful disaster and then I met Ron.

In the moments when my ship was sinking all I thought about was the impending disaster. Ron arrived like the coast guards, all of the coast guards. Ron’s coaching was timely, profound and has rescued our business from the impending doom.

Our business is now working efficiently and the root of our disaster was me. Ron led us out, he is a visionary with empathy, ruthless tact and a deep and profound understanding of what it takes to be a leader and we thank him.
— Elizabeth Jackson (Public Property)

Indira Prasad.JPG
For me personally, I am very proud and privileged to say that yes, Ron has enlightened a new objective, a new ambition in me to believe that I do have the capabilities and the competence to walk on the path of accomplishment and success to bring out the personal best in me. I cherish the moment I had the opportunity to know someone like Ron, who has brought about a great ambition in me.

We all, and I repeat, we all have our unique talents and strengths that lie within us. What we don’t have is a sense of confidence and a person who shows us the way to live by those strengths, and make useful the talents we bury inside of us. I personally vouch for and commend the efforts of Ron, who holds the capacity to bring out the best in us; the very best gifts to our own selves and economy as a whole.
— Indira Prasad (Q Catering, Melbourne - Australia)

Joe Scarmozzino.jpg
Ron is the consummate professional who is passionate about delivering an exceptional service proposition to his clients. His ability to articulate himself through various situations is of a very high standard. Ron’s ability to engage and demonstrate a value proposition, that is purely client centric, is second to none.
— Joe Scarmozzino (Director at Wealth Arena)

john wulff.jpg
Ron is one of those individuals who has the inspiring ability to focus on a new challenge and achieve what he sets out to do. His positive attitude, yet humble approach, truly sets him apart. Ron brings not only the qualities already mentioned, but also the capability of putting others needs ahead of his own.
— John Wulff (Director at Wulff International)

It’s rare that you meet someone with fire in their belly, vision and such a desire to help and inspire. Ron is such an individual. I have had the pleasure to work with Ron for the past four months and he has motivated, inspired and helped me take my business to the next level. His teachings are simple, yet effective, so as to make it practical to implement. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to go to the next level and get more out of themselves or their business.
— Joshua Vecchio (Hunter Galloway)

Mauvin Rego.jpg
Imagine the freedom and smiles you get while going to work everyday by knowing what truly makes you happy. Ron has guided me to achieve this path and saved me more years of my life from walking aimlessly. Thankful for his constant guidance.
— Mauvin Rego (Melbourne Australia)

Morris La Spina.jpg
Ron, I really truly would like to thank you for all your time you spent with me in mentoring me not only with my career but in life. The conversations with you were an eye opener not only for my career but my outlook on life. It’s very easy for someone to focus on everything else but/except what they want to achieve. I honestly feel I’m at a new beginning of my journey to a better and bigger dreams and goals. Another point I want to make, is that you are miles ahead of the rest of the people in my professional network, in the way you engage and conduct yourself both over the phone and in person whether it’s one on one or in a room full of people. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get ahead with my career over the last 6 months.
— Morris La Spina (Financial Advisor – Bank of Melbourne)

Regina Green.JPG
Ron Malhotra is a great example of a thought leader. I was drawn to him instantly because of the energy that he possesses. Ron’s passion for helping people is amazing. Ron is genuine about empowering others and helping them realize all the potential that they possess. He doesn’t make you feel like he’s the only one with answers, but he assures you that you too have the answers within! He has truly helped me realize that I have the potential to do whatever I put my mind to. I highly recommend Ron’s work to any organization or individual.
— Regina Green (Jacksonville, Florida – USA)

steve osbourne.jpg
Passion personified! This really is someone who gets his audience involved from the minute he walks out to deliver! Ron’s genuinely warm and entertaining personality captured the audience immediately. He delivered a high energy presentation that was thought-provoking, insightful and exceptionally well received by those in attendance. Ron’s key message of taking control of the way one’s wealth is built was “right on the money” for the desired outcome from our small business event. An outstanding presenter who leaves a lasting impression.
— Steve Osborne (CCBG Business Showcase Series)

Trevor Russell_IMAGE.jpg
As a smart person once said, if you want to be, do and have more, go to the person who is being, doing and got what it is you want more of. Ron is one of these passion and committed rare individuals that will show you how to build a successful and prosperous life and enjoy the journey along the way.
— Trevor Russell (Business Strategist & Sales Trainer)

Deborah Stone.jpg
Hello friends. Let me first say that Ron is a humanitarian. His true concern for his fellow man is reflected in the quality and substance of his work. By using wisdom “keys” Ron helps you unlock your potential and yourself. In turn that helps you help others; in business, in family and in life. I am honored to give a recommendation but more over I urge you to look and invest yourself in him, his team, and his products. You will see returns in wisdom and success! Blessings.
— Deborah Stone (CEO of The Stone Family)

I’ve been reading Ron’s posts and articles for quite some time now. I must say that most if not all of these posts resonate a level of positivity and leadership skills that are not as common on the LinkedIn feed. Ron’s level of thinking has helped me to greater understand challenges in the workplace and overcoming these. In particular, his article on Mentoring deeply affected me.

It is not often that people take the time to realize the importance of mentoring. In Ron’s article, he not only showed the reasons for mentoring but also reasons that persons may not support it. His objectivity throughout the article ensures that the reader is allowed time to properly digest the material and form their own opinions.

I would highly recommend following Ron, to get some daily doses of inspiration not just for the workplace but for your personal brand as well. Ron is always sure to cover some topic on personal development or methods of empowering people to help them reach their true potential. The passion that he pours into his posts are articles are a force to be reckoned with and is evident in the responses that he receives from these postings. Start following him today!
— Sanya Mathura (Managing Director & Senior Consultant at Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd)

Having Ron as my mentor completely changed my life. His depth of knowledge and understanding about life and principles helped me to expand my awareness and make the necessary changes to turn my life around. I am certain that anyone who works with Ron will feel a positive impact and an enhanced sense of awareness of themselves and everything around them. Ron is a magnificent man of character - he adds value wherever he can and he touches lives wherever he goes.
— Dina Aletrari (Speaker | Property Investor | Entrepreneur)

There are very few people in this world that can change the direction of your life for good with no intention of gaining benefit for themselves. Ron is not only one of these rare people but believes everyone has a unique gift they just need to discover it.

I’m lucky enough to have Ron as my mentor, business partner and friend.

Ron’s a mentor who has the ability to see the beauty and potential in you before you do. And he has the gift to guide it out of you which he gives so freely. He will encourage and challenge you to reach for your highest potential. As he believes everyone should have passion and purpose in their lives.

No day is ever the same with Ron as your business partner . He is innovative, creative and supportive. He believes in sharing his vision and people being an integral part of it’s growth and thus should share in the fruits.

For me Ron is the friend I can trust implicitly to guide me in the direction I need to grow . This does not mean we always agree and don’t argue because we do but without judgement.

Ron is the person who follows his purpose and passion which is to make a difference in as many lives as he possibly can.
— Caroline Vass (Director Smart Choice Property Development)

Ron is such an inspiration he is always helping, encouraging, and promoting our ‘Self’.

He doesn’t miss a beat with positive affirmations to all. His mission is one I support and follow .
A true Global leader, out to help build and create a better circumstance for each and everyone of us!

Thank you Ron for all you do for humans everywhere!
— Carey Junkunc (Cosmetologist)

He caught my attention with his honest approach , Personal Style , and Business Pedigree.


*He kept my attention by often pointing to the fact that one must take personal accountability seriously in regards to past behaviors & choices to have any kind of meaningful , Positive change in there lives.
— Gary F. (Entrepreneur)

Ron Malhotra is the person who opened my eyes and drastically changed my life with just one short conversation and it has been a great privilege to be mentored by him and then also work with him since. Ron is a leader, influencer and one of the greatest minds ameliorating the world. In particular, the success program developed by Ron and the team of The Successful Male movement is the most comprehensive guide for those who want to lead a life that is happy, successful and meaningful. And if you are not following Ron Malhotra on social media, you absolutely should as every article, post and quote that he writes and shares change lives of people all around the world as we speak.
— Mariya Radysh (International Speaker & Business Networking Strategist)

I met Ron about a year ago after having given a talk at the Langham for International Women’s Day.

I wondered who this man was as he shook my hand and commended me on my speech. In the next breath he offered me the name of a contact of his, who he thought would benefit from my services.

I was pretty impressed and have followed his journey and articles since our meeting.

I find Ron’s posts highly inspirational, both from a business and personal perspective. He obviously has a firm handle on reality and the facts on which he bases his thought provoking writings. I admire his passion for really making a difference and his determination to add value to others’ lives .... A true generosity of spirit.

He is authentic in his “humanness” and this shines through.
Ron’s expertise in his broad field is impressive and leaves no doubt as to his credibility and grounded advice.

I look forward to his posts and always feel motivated to spring to action .... even on the “slow days”

A thought provoker and leader .....
— Nikki Casey (Personal Stylist/Image Consultant)

I connected with Ron 6 months ago. Ron is very respectful, outgoing and very friendly. He took the time to get to know me and learned what I have accomplished so far and the goals that I am now working on to have a successful future. Since I have been reading his post, I have learned so much about his career background. His post will make you see things in a more positive way. Recently I mentioned on LinkedIn that I am planning to write my very first book. Ron reached out to me offering guidance, during our discussion there was so much that Ron brought up that I did not know before when I first thought about writing my book. If you think that reaching your goal is just for the money, have a discussion with Ron, he will definitely have you thinking differently.
— Erin Brochu (Project Manager at VoiceXP, Inc.)

Ron is a disciplined, astute thought leader who is constantly in pursuit of excellence in everything he does. He is entirely dedicated to making a positive difference to the world by sharing his incredible wealth of ever expanding knowledge. Wise beyond his years, Ron possesses the rare talent of facilitating real transformation in others seeking to fulfill their full potential and achieve successful in business and happiness in their lives.
— Dan Kennedy (Partner/Consultant at Horizon Property Alliance)

Ron has been coaching me for the last little while, he is the absolute best. The time, the effort, the genuine interest is to be commended. We have time difference of about 9 and half hours, he manages to contact me each day. My life has taken on a different direction completely. I’ve just stepped into my passion and purpose with Ron’s help. He took me back to my core, my life is changing. I am so greatful and feel blessed! My only wish is for people to experience this too! Great people do exist, Ron is one of this. He is a true “ Leader of Hearts” Whatever service he offeres you, he is ALL in. “ I won’t quit before you do, You will give up before I do” ....”Let me help you design your new life” This was his words to me and now I am SOARING! I am grateful!!!
— Samantha Omar (Founder/ CEO at LinkingAfrica)

Ron has an incredible ability to identify peoples gifts and talent’s. He has helped me identify what my purpose is and has coached me through the process of pursuing it. As my mentor Ron has given me the practical steps and resources to transform the results i’m getting in my business and in my life.
— Jason Titus (Young Adult & Corporate Motivational Speaker)

Ron is an intelligent professional with a diverse set of valuable skills. He consistently adds value through his daily work. His approach is logical and direct and utilises his great storytelling ability to deliver powerful messages. I highly recommend Ron to help you or you business thrive.
— Adam Bowcutt (Co-Founder XnForce™ | Founder BSA Action Sports Group)

I have had over 30 years of experience of Personal Development at all levels and this was key to my success in life so far rising to the top in two different industries and even beating cancer (mind-set). I have participated and interacted with most other professionals in this field.

Ron is the only one that I have found that embraces all aspects of Personal development. I have found others specialise in parts and thats their focus. Ron embraces all the areas that folks need to know to achieve personal growth and thats rare! Thats pretty unique in my books.
— Graham R Williams (Life Styler & Leisure Plans)
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