LEARN HOW TO become the stand-out advisor

Becoming a great Financial Advisor is all about enhancing your client's lives by helping them have more certainty, confidence, clarity, control and consolidation of their finances.  There is no other greater privilege than to be the trusted guide and mentor to your clients, so you can lead them towards a better life and prevent them from making the common mistakes that most people make.

Reality is, most Financial Consultants have never learnt how to earn their clients loyalty and respect, because unfortunately most Consultants have only ever been taught "Financial Products" or  "How to Sell".  

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Today, more than ever, clients are looking for someone who can cut through noise and clutter of the mainstream media and provide real insights and analysis into what is right for them.  

To be truly successful an Advisor needs to walk the line between being well-informed, and not appearing condescending.  

If you are a passionate, genuine and professional Advisor, who truly cares about the well-being of your client and want to build a practice where you work with your ideal clients who respect you, engage you and follow your advice, you need to evolve into the most indispensable person in their lives, one they can truly rely on for their and their families financial well-being.

Are you a Financial Advisor / Consultant who wants to learn how to become a successful Financial Planner/Wealth Strategist? (technical knowledge is assumed, although high level strategy assistance can be provided at additional cost)

Do you struggle to communicate the value of your services to your clients?

Would you like to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively to engage your clients? 

Would you like to know how to construct a comprehensive Wealth Management Plan for your clients that truly depicts step by step how your clients can achieve financial independence in a way that your clients fully understand and engage with?


Through the mentoring sessions, some of what you will learn includes:

  • What financial planning is and what it isn't (hint: most advisors have this wrong)
  • How to explain what you do to clients in a way that makes sense
  • Understanding the most critical elements of integrity and authentic trust (not pretense)
  • How to communicate the financial planning process to your clients so they are completely comfortable with the journey you take them on
  • How to determine the right pricing policy for your business that is fair to your clients & profitable for your practice
  • How to explain and charge fees to your clients with confidence
  • How to speak effectively to communicate your wealth creation services
  • How to build enduring relationships with your clients & referral partners

Stand OUt advisor coaching is ideal for you, only IF:

  • You are an aspiring or experienced financial consultant that has a passion for your occupation
  • You truly care about your clients and "doing the right thing"
  • You want to make the transition from a "salesperson" to a trusted consultant
  • You would like to learn how to have clients for life
  • You want to have unshakeable confidence in your value proposition
  • You want to work with ideal clients and form solid relationships with them
  • You want to master the art and science behind proper financial planning and wealth management
  • You want to articulate your value in a way that makes complete sense to your clients
  • You want to grow with your clients


What qualifies Ron to be a coach to Financial Advisors?

Ron Malhotra - Maple Tree Wealth_Head Shot.jpg
  • Ron has over 16 years diversified experience in financial services, wealth management, funds management, commercial and private banking
  • Ron is an Award-Winning Financial Advisor
  • Ron's views have been featured in prominent financial media such as Financial Review, Money Magazine, Personal Investor Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine, CNN and many more
  • Ron has read hundreds of books on money and wealth and has attended hundred of seminars so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch
  • Ron is featured in the media regularly, for his professional views and expertise
  • Ron is passionate about coaching people that want to make a difference in their client's lives and in their own practices
  • Ron can help you understand & explain complex financial concepts so you can make it simpler for your clients
  • Ron is a #1 Best Selling Author of 8 Wealth Habits of Financially Successful People which was a #1 Best Seller in three mainstream categories (Personal Finance, Business & Investing and Retirement Planning)


Ron's Qualifications:

  • Associate Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)
  • AFP® Designation, Financial Planning Association (AFP)
  • AFA Association of Financial Advisers
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) 
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • SMSF certification & Advanced SMSF Strategies certification
  • Margin Lending and Geared Investments certification
  • RG 146, Securities, Derivatives, Core & Life Insurance certification
  • RG 146, Managed Investments certification
  • Certificate IV in Finance Broking
  • International Success Principles Certification
  • Global Advanced Leadership Certification
  • PhD (currently studying)



  • Please contact us for the cost of your individually tailored plan
  • Minimum commitment 3 sessions
  • Session duration 60 minutes delivered via skype and/or in person
  • Cancel anytime if not satisfied, no obligation to continue 


Just 1 to 2 full service financial planning clients is all you need to make up for your investment

Will save you years of experimenting and mistakes

Better client retention and improved practice valuation

If you apply the strategies you could easily increase your revenue by up to $100K + per annum



Our Promise To You…

We are 100% committed to working with you to provide you with the right strategy so you can build your dream practice working with your ideal clients.



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