“If only I had more money”...what’s the problem with that statement?

Many people say if they had more money, they would invest in themselves and in their future. And they pretty much draw the line at that...

When I didn’t have money to do the things I wanted, I never just said “I don’t have money”. Instead, I always asked myself -

“Why don’t I have money?”


“How can I have more money?”

Lack of money is NEVER A CAUSE. (Re-read this statement over & over again) 

Lack of money is an effect.  

If we are prepared to look beyond the effect and carefully consider the cause, we will find that the person who claims they have a shortage of money is a person who:

  1. Doesn’t have the skills that attract and grow money

  2. Doesn’t know how to prioritize their time

  3. Doesn’t understand the fundamentals of wealth and business  

Instead of fixing the above causes however, they resort to conveniently blaming some external factor or making the lack of money “the cause”. 

Two decades ago, when I understood that lack of money is an effect, not a cause, I immediately took action to remedy the cause.

If I had a dollar for every time someone chose not to take a desirable action due to lack of money, I would have probably accumulated thousands by today.

And not once have I come across someone who said they will find a way.

If you ever needed evidence of the lack of effectiveness of the traditional education system, this is it. Educated and skilled students and professionals who cite lack of resources as the cause, but never consider their lack of resourcefulness as the real problem.

If you don’t have money to do the things you want, ask yourself why that is the case? 

If there are even a small fraction of people who are making more money than you in your community, industry or country, there is a chance that you can too.

But it won’t happen if you stop at the effect and never fix the cause.

-Ron Malhotra

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