Here are the inconvenient truths about success that nobody wants to hear (WARNING: do not read if you prefer to live a lie).

1. You may not have as much time as you think to do the things you have always wanted to do in your life.

2. Your odds of becoming successful and wealthy are not very high, especially if you do not clearly and truly know what you want from your life and you haven't mapped out the steps to achieving your goals.

3. You will need to achieve personal mastery and professional mastery to become successful, and for this you will need to seriously educate yourself. 

4. No one becomes successful and stays successful by accident.

5. Success requires sacrifices. There are no easy rides and no free lunches in life.

6. Casualness of attitude leads to casualty of outcomes.

7. People who value entertainment over education face more problems in life.

8. There are no short cuts to success. You will need to put in the time, commitment and energy for a long period of time before you see results. 

9. The path of least resistance does not lead anywhere worth going.

10. Life is tough. Get used to it. 

11. Most of what stops you are excuses, not facts. 

12. Too much planning and not enough action is another form of procrastination.

13. Don't fool yourself that you are doing something if you haven't had results in a long time.

14.  Dreams without action DO NOT WORK. You will need to do both - dream and act.

15. Your fears are stopping you. Either get the courage and take swift action or settle for a life of mediocrity and struggle.

16. The world does not owe you anything. Get over it. 

17. There is no security in life. You can either grow in life by taking risks or be comfortable and stay where you are.

18. Stop blaming others for your lack of results and insecurities. Only you are responsible for your life and your results.

19. Agreeing with motivational messages and inspirational posts (including this one) doesn't mean anything if you do not apply the message.

20. Your time is NOW. It is definitely possible for you, but only if you decide, commit and act.

Your (inconvenient) friend,

- Ron Malhotra 

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