One of our fundamental beliefs in "The Successful Male" movement is that the world needs more responsible leaders.

I like to call our approach a movement because personally I know that it's time for change.

The successful male is not about a fanatic approach. Never has been and never will be.

Having said that I feel that it is revolutionary because it is about causing a revolution through the education of men.

Not the type of education taught by our educational institutions and workplace that teaches men 'what to think.'

The type of education that creates life success and high charactered role models and teaches men 'how to think.'

The more aware, educated and responsible men are, the better leadership we will see in the world.

At the moment most men feel fearful about taking a strong stand for anything worthwhile. They have been culturally conditioned to follow what I call the 3 C's

- comply (follow)
- conform (don't ask questions)
- casual (be)

Have a casual approach, just comply, and conform with what's happening.

There have been some clear, easily observable and unintended consequences of the above, worldwide.

1. We are seeing fewer and fewer examples of great leadership in the world across industry, business, education and politics. Most leaders lack competence or character or both.

2. We are seeing more and and more unhappy women who would love to see nothing more than men become real men.

John Maxwell once said "everything rises and falls on leadership".

Yes it does.

When we men decide to become better leaders- our families, businesses and industry and nations all benefit and become better.

As I write this, a part of me feels that some men may read this and feel that this message is too intense.

The message is not intense. The message is real.

We are not about making trouble, like some men's groups.

We are about causing a powerful, positive & lasting change.

Casualness in life leads to casualties and we are seeing the effects of that everywhere in the form of rising obesity, bankruptcies, business failures, divorces, mental illnesses and suicides.

It's time for a change.

I hope you are excited to be a part of this exclusive group.

If the mission we are on to help men become world class and high charactered leaders and overall successful men, inspires or excites you, please put your comments below.

Id love to know how many of you intrinsically support this change at the early stages of our positive movement.

Please invite like-minded people in your circles, families, connections or networks who would benefit from joining this group.

Alone we can only do so much, together we can do a lot.

To your success!

- Ron Malhotra

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