Have you ever met a skeptical man? I have. In fact I see them everywhere

It appears that these days more men are closed in their hearts and minds than they are open and trusting.

A lot of men even pride themselves on being 'skeptical' or 'cynical'. Many feel that it is necessary these days to always be on guard because people have hidden agendas.

Whilst skepticism can protect us by being on alert through questioning things, it can also be taken too far.

Skepticism can become a habit and cause us to reject new ideas that on the surface seem 'different'. This is especially true when a new idea challenges what we believe to be the truth.

Too much skepticism leads to cynicism where one man doubts the sincerity and validity of another man's point of view. And this, as every psychiatrist and cardiologist knows, can result in depression, anxiety, hostility and bitterness. Why? Because cynicism is a form of fear.

Apart from the above, it makes a man act hostile towards others which leads to poorer relationships, resulting in poor ability to influence and missed opportunities.

It also leads to increased ignorance because of lack of 'openness'.

The other thing to note is that no one wants to be around a closed person who treats everyone as "guilty, until they are proven innocent".

Making trusting others our default position (with a slight dash of skepticism), can result in a more positive outlook, better relationships in the workplace, a healthier attitude and better opportunities through enhanced influence.

What do you think? Do you know someone that is highly skeptical? Are you too skeptical yourself and find it hard to trust anyone?

Please comment below. Would love to hear your view.

To your success!

- Ron Malhotra

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