Whilst the word 'mindset' gets thrown around a lot lately, in reality very few people (a small fraction of the world population), could clearly articulate or describe the workings of the mind.

We have all heard that the mind is powerful. Well, what does that actually mean?

And if people truly believe that the mind is indeed that powerful, how come we don't see people lining up to learn everything that they can about their most important asset?

The mind is indeed one powerful tool and in the right hands with the right strategies, it can take an individual to heights never thought possible.

On the other hand, those who fail to understand their mind whether through neglect, ignorance or pure indifference, will in most cases pay a price through missed opportunities, frustration and a life half lived.

Much has been written and said about the mind throughout human history. Despite all the latest developments around neuroscience, mind science, and related fields, people world wide live lives of scarcity, lack, limitation and competitiveness.

#tip One of the first things you can do to help your mind is to PROTECT IT from negative influences and noise.

Negative attitudes, vibes and media permeates our society. It has been said that people now have developed five times more neuro-receptors to identify the negative than to see the positive in any situation.

And all of this is happening without any conscious thought.

So here is my tip today. Avoid all negative news. Negative gossip, complains, outbursts. Don't listen to negative media. Do not speak negative words. Do it until the end of the week (at least).

I promise you will feel better for it. Not only will you feel lighter, you will also have more energy in your body.

Try it.

Make it a successful day.

- Ron Malhotra

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