Beneath the layers of false beliefs that people have inherited, there lie some universal truths. 

Once you tap into those truths, your success becomes inevitable.

Some of the things that people BELIEVED to be true in the last 100 years that determined their thinking and how they behaved, were as follows:

  • Men are superior to women
  • White people are superior to black people
  • Working harder is the only way to get ahead (80's)
  • The customer is always right (90's)
  • Smoking can be good for you (70's)
  • Soft drinks are not bad for you (70's)
  • The earth is flat 
  • Wars are necessary to bring peace (60's)
  • Everything that can be invented, has already been invented (90's)
  • You need to work out for at least an hour to get fit
  • Lifting weights is only for men (until recent)
  • The way to get ahead is to get good grades at school, go to university and get a stable job (current)
  • You need a lot of money to make money (current)

And many many more...

How many of the above have been proven wrong since?

How many beliefs are you carrying NOW that are not true, but still dictating your thinking and behaviors?

Are you even aware of these beliefs? 

Are they limiting your progress and keeping you ignorant?

Are they dominating your actions without you even being conscious of them? 

Are they leading you down a path of mediocrity or failure?

One way to know whether your deep-rooted beliefs are supporting you or not is to look at your life and ask yourself the following questions:


If the answer is NO, your undetected beliefs may not be in alignment with your desires.

Remember, your desires and will power have very little chance of winning against your belief system. 


Because your unconscious beliefs can exert control that is 30,000 times more powerful that your conscious desires.

And, if you don't believe the default, you must believe the opposite of that statement.

Your current life is a reflection of your belief system.

The best personal development training does not teach you new things. It helps you get rid of the old things that are holding you back.

If you want to know how you can expand your awareness to a state of "all knowing", contact me for a confidential chat.

Think Big, Live Bigger!

- Ron Malhotra

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