The photo on this blog, illustrates perfectly why many people aren't where they want to be in life.

They invest in their bodies, clothes, appearance and pleasure pursuits.

But, they hardly invest in their minds and their own mental development.

Someone recently approached me and asked how they can charge more for their services. I asked them how much they wanted to charge? They said $3000.

I asked them how much they invested in themselves last year and they said they bought 4 books.

So you spent $80 on yourself? Yet you think that someone should pay you $3000, I responded.

Fact is when you ask someone to do what you are reluctant to do yourself, you will feel like an imposter, and the incongruence will be sensed by your customers because most people have intuitive senses.

People will pay well only if you provide unique, valuable and exceptional 'insights', not simply because you provide 'information'.

This applies whether you are in business selling your services, or you are an employee hoping for the next promotion.

So if you want to increase your charges, first increase your PERSONAL value. And this EXCLUDES professional development or how hard you work on your job/business.

Don't expect your customers to invest in you, if you do not invest enough in yourself.

Sorry to shatter anyone's illusion, but a few books and watching YouTube videos do not make anyone deserving of charging exceptional prices.

Think Big, Live Bigger!

- Ron Malhotra

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