Can you imagine having $100 in your pocket?
I bet you can.

Can you imagine having $1000 in your bank account?
I bet you can.

Can you imagine earning a $1000 per month?
I bet you can.

Can you imagine earning a $1000 per week?
Hopefully, most of us can.

Can you imagine earning a $1000 per day?
Maybe, some of us can.

Can you imagine earning a $1000 per hour?
Maybe a few of us can.

Can you imagine earning a $1000 per minute?
Most people can't.

Can you imagine being worth $50 million?
It is outside most people's possibility zone.

What is the point that I am trying to make?

The point that I am trying to make is that each one of us has a money consciousness (money comfort zone).

This consciousness controls how much money you can make or keep.

You can have all the talent, skill and knowledge in the world, but your personal money consciousness will always put a lid on how much you can make and keep in the long term.

You will rarely surpass this limit, and if you do, eventually, you will find a way to lose money through bad decisions, carelessness or your fear will cause you to miss out on opportunities.

Some of us have mental limitations in regards to what kind of income we think we can make. Others have mental limitations in regards to their net worth. Some people even have negative beliefs around having a lot of money.

For some the limit may be $100,000 per year, for some it may be $1 million a year.

Some may have a net worth limit of a few hundred thousand dollars and some have may have a limit of a few million dollars.

Our education system only teaches us the virtues of skill, knowledge and work. But it fails to teach us about the hidden intricacies of our powerful mind, which is responsible for over 90% of our life results.

To not understand the above concept is like driving a car with the accelerator and the brake pushed at the same time.

Most people do not invest in their growth. They assume that adding to their skill and work knowledge alone will elevate their thinking.

It is believed that the average person stops growing mentally after year 7.

When I am asked to present, I am told to dumb down my presentations to appeal to year 10 level.

Last presentation, I was told to do this even though my audience was made up of business owners.

Why most people refuse to invest in their personal growth, is something that always mystifies me.

The only reasons that I can think of are:

1. People assume they already know this.
My response- if you are not getting results in all areas of your life consistently, you don't know it.

2. People think they can learn this by reading a few good books.
My response- good luck! You may just be the only person that can identify all of your own blind spots without intervention.

3. People do not trust and are skeptical.
My response- lack of trust and skepticism are forms of fear and doubt. Fearful people do not become financially successful. Full stop!

Money is an effect. It is not a cause. The cause is always how one thinks.

If you want to elevate your financial position, you will have to elevate your thinking mindset. This involves understanding your current limits, how they were formed and how they can be replaced through the proper understanding and application of mindset principles and techniques.

Anyone can do this, but only a few will.

You were born to win!

- Ron Malhotra

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