I have worked for money......and, I have worked for passion.

When I worked for money, I thought it was the "practical" thing to do. I was miserable but put up with it. Bills have to be paid and after all..jobs aren't supposed to be fun anyway. Right?


Today I am fortunate that I work in a vocation and career which is 100% attuned to my passion, my vision, my strengths and my dreams. I sacrificed on a lot of things to get to this point. But I am glad I did. Because my work brings me joy and now and because of that I am in a stronger financial position than ever before. Why did that happen? Because I strongly believe that money follows joy.

Most people select jobs or careers based on what pays or what is in demand.

Selecting a career or a job predominantly based on money considerations can be a huge mistake. Not only does the person become a slave to money, but also neglects to listen to their true calling and passion.

Over time this person becomes resentful and passionless. This not only takes a toll on their mental health but over time it also manifests itself into physical disease.

As a society, when are we going to learn to stop chasing the money before chasing the passion?

I am not suggesting money is not important. Far from it.

I am suggesting that if you put your passion before money, your success will require less effort. Not only that, when things get tough, you won't quit. Because your career choice is based on what is in your heart, you will spend more time on your craft without being pushed or forced. This will lead to better results, ultimately leading to more money anyway.

Many people do not believe that if they do something they love, they can actually make money a lot faster. They justify their choice of job or a career as practical decision.

Parents- stop forcing your kids into careers that you feel passionate about. Your kids will be miserable. If it was your dream, YOU DO IT!

Kids- follow your heart first. Money will follow, I assure you. Don't become a slave to money. As long as your main reason for work is money, you will never achieve greatness. Chasing money will keep you struggling both emotionally and financially.

Do what you love and success will be effortless. My only caveat is that you become very good at what you love, and use your craft to add value to others. This is where you will get rewarded. Anything less than that is just self indulgent entertainment or pleasure.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
Howard Thurman

You are great and you were born to win!

- Ron Malhotra

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