Ron Malhotra’s life motto is that “as human beings it is necessary that we identify our unique gifts & talents, and develop them to add value and make a difference”. As an expert speaker and MD of Maple Tree Wealth Management, Ron believes that anyone can succeed in life, despite their past or current circumstances.

We recently sat down with Ron and asked him a few interesting questions to get his expert view on success, achieving your goals, and discovering what you really want out of life.

What does success mean to you and how does one achieve it (have more of it)?

Success is about achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. It’s waking up in the morning and feeling victorious. It’s living your ideal life; a life on your own terms.

Now, you may be nodding your head and saying, “I knew that.” But what you may not know is specifically what it is that would make you feel successful.

Perhaps it’s status, and for you that might mean earning a million dollars or winning an Olympic Medal. Or perhaps its respect and you wish to become a professor at the University of Melbourne, or even win the Nobel Prize? Perhaps its influence and you wish to become the CEO of a big company that is working on reducing global warming, or work for UNICEF to better the lives of the world’s children.

Or maybe it’s not so grandiose. Maybe it’s the happiness that you would get from marrying the man or woman of your dreams, maybe its losing twenty kilos, or maybe it’s just having the people in your circle of friends and family turn to you for advice.

Success can mean different things to different people. It doesn’t matter what your definition of success is, as long as you know your definition and are taking the steps to live it.

What was the turning point for you when you decided that you wanted to work with people (as a coach)?

I struggled with setbacks and failures for many years in my life and career, ultimately experiencing negativity, lack of confidence, laziness, and lack of joy and passion—all of the ‘hidden’ crises that affect millions of people every day.

My self-esteem was diminishing and I resorted to excessive drinking and partying so I didn’t have to deal with the realities of my life.

When I was at my lowest point in life, I never would have guessed that after all the unhappiness I faced I would eventually be able to craft an exciting, successful career, business, and life that would connect all the meaningful dots in my life, and marry up all the things that I wanted to do but wasn’t consciously aware of.

I recently crossed the 100th goal off my list, a list that I only began completing five years ago that included things like my ideal weight, my ideal career, starting a family, starting and growing a successful business, writing a best-selling book, finishing a master’s degree, creating wealth through income assets, being featured in the media regularly and speaking publicly about my passions, to name a few.

Today, as I have learnt, understood, and applied important success principles about life, mind-set, attitude, and actions that have completely transformed my life, I feel enormous passion to share this information with anyone that has the desire to play the big game, but find themselves stuck.

What do you think holds people back from achieving their goals?

There are many reasons why most people do not achieve their goals. Fear of trying has to be at the top. When we are kids we are not deterred by failures or setbacks. Do you remember when you were a kid and learning how to ride a bicycle? I remember how many times I came off the bicycle suffering cuts & bruises. But not once did that deter me from getting back on and trying again. That’s how we learn. Unfortunately as we grow up, we stop taking risks. When we suffer temporary setbacks in life, we become too scared and stop trying. It is no wonder many people never learn so many important life skills of success. I especially see that with people starting businesses or even investing. One or two bad experiences and they quit the game. That’s why very few people actually become masters at their craft.

How does a person go about discovering what they really want out of life?

This is a great question. In my book “Move Forward or Move Aside”, I make mention of the fact that one needs to discover their purpose in life to be truly successful. The book outlines steps in order to do that. The best way to determine what you really want out of life is to know your strengths, passion and values (your passion will lead you to your purpose). You need to be crystal clear on these. Once you know these, try and reflect back to those moments in your life where you were the happiest and in your element. These moments hold the clues to what you should really do with your life. Your values will also help you make better decisions and avoid situations, events and people that do not serve or support you.

What are your four top tips for reaching greater level of success?

  • Find out your passion, purpose, values and strengths, and choose your career or vocation, based on these.
  • Learn how to connect with people and develop relationships. You don’t have to be all things to all people, but it certainly helps if you have a high level of self and social awareness.
  • Work hard, persevere and never give up.
  • Only spend time like-minded people and eliminate toxic people from your life.

Where are you coming from, at the core of who you are, what motivates you and why?

As far back as I can remember I have always had the desire to learn, stretch, experience and challenge myself in order to play the big game in life.  Unlike other animals, we human beings actually have the ability to create an impact by virtue of our thoughts and actions.  So why not use those abilities to create & do things that other animals cannot do.  If we have the privilege to be born as a human being, I also feel that we have a responsibility to do things bigger than ourselves and give, rather than just take.

Here is the original article: http://motivationsmagazine.com/up-close-and-personal-with-ron-malhotra/

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