Zoltan Takacs is an expert in toxins and has traveled to more than a hundred countries and caught thousands of reptiles to collect their venom for screening.  Doing so involves doing whatever it takes to succeed. He flies small planes, scuba dives, sleeps in the middle of the rain forest or in the desert. He had to overcome constant obstacles, from infections to crocodiles, from civil wars to landslides to pirates. He’s been jailed, chased by elephants and sprayed with cobra venom.

As a boy in Hungary, snakes fascinated him. He himself is allergic to venom and has been bitten six times by snakes. Why would he put his life at risk for something so dangerous? Because he has a mission in life: to push a toxin into medical use. Toxins have yielded about a dozen medications, some that have saved lives.  For instance, if someone has a deadly heart attack, three drugs exist to saves their life, and two are reptile-venom derived. To Takacs, it’s worth the danger he faces to explore the many hundred thousand different venomous animal species with 20 million different toxins that have potential as medications.

What is your mission in life?  To answer that, think of the one thing that would make you feel that your time on this earth made a difference. It may be something simple.  For US President John Kennedy, it became putting a man on the moon. For Thomas Edison, it was to create an invention that people needed. For Einstein, it was to solve the mystery about space and time. For Andrew Carnegie, American steel industrialist and at one time the richest man in the world it was to make as much money as he could the first half of his life and to give it away the second half.  For motivational speaker Jack Canfield, it was to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy.

Here are some samples:

I was born to

… help people learn how to change their daily actions to save the wildlife on this planet.

... teach underprivileged children to learn to read so they can know success in life.

… become a successful entrepreneur to ensure financial comfort and to allow me to become a philanthropist for cancer research.  

... help young couples who wish to buy their first home how to understand homebuying, credit ratings and approvals, and secured debt. 

 ...  start a sustainable farm to grow organic produce to help people have vibrant health.

Once you know your why, you have a direction in life and all other decisions become easier.  For instance, you will know

·       What school to attend, what to major in and which classes to take

·       What career path to pursue

·       The best places to work and live in

·       What industry and companies you would like to work in

·       What kinds of books, TV shows and movies will feed your soul

Your mission statement is your road map to guide your daily actions. If something gets you off track, don’t put your time and energy into it.

You are great and were born to play the game of life to win!

- Ron Malhotra  

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