Anyone can change the world. Seriously! Yes, anyone. Even you!

In fact that is exactly what many people are doing right now through their actions. There appears to be a global shift happening in the way people are thinking. And thanks to social media, ideas are being generated and being shared at a phenomenal rate. In case you haven't noticed, there also appears to be more transparency and communication between people.

You see, changing the world was always possible but it is far more possible now than ever before. Through technology, the world is becoming a global community and barriers relating to age, gender, race and even religion are all being tested. You may not always be able to me measure the change you are causing but you can certainly cause a change for the better.

Some of you are probably thinking "why change the world"? Well my question is, why not? As long as problems relating to hate, hunger, poverty, violence and corruption exist, there is a need for people to do their share to make the world a better place as opposed to  coming into existence just to exercise ones own indulgent pleasures.

If you are thinking this way, you have probably been programmed to either believe that life is simply about living for yourself or that you are too small to make a difference.

I challenge you to question both those beliefs.

The need for change makers has always been there. But nowadays it is possible for people with vision to make an impact. And let's not forget that giving in some form can takeaway the focus off ourselves, help us get involved with a cause greater than ourselves and make us feel wonderful about helping others.

Find a cause that you care about, and ask yourself what can I do to that thing!

You were born to win!

Ron Malhotra - The Achievement Strategist

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